Noch 13706 Pallet Truck Set 3D Mini (Pre-Built)
 Noch 13706 Pallet Truck Set 3D Mini (Pre-Built)Noch 13706 Pallet Truck Set 3D Mini (Pre-Built) 

Noch 13706 Pallet Truck Set 3D Mini (Pre-Built)

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Noch 13706 Pallet Truck Set 3D Mini (Pre-Built)

Product DetailsDetails pallet truck set
Welcome in the future!
NOCH Innovation 2015: 3D printing series productionThose who follow the current reporting in the model making trade magazines and are interested in technology have already heard of it: 3D printing is revolutionizing production.As with the introduction of the laser cut, NOCH is also a pioneer in this innovative production technology and is offering the new 3D minis for the first time this year: Models that set new standards in detailing - »Fine Scale« in series!
Already assembled and painted realistically, you can use the 3D minis directly in your model landscape.
And the best for you: the price-performance ratio is right too.
Test the new model series and convince yourself of the advantages of 3D printing models.
3D printing - this is how it works:
3D printing is a so-called »additive« process in which a plastic material is applied in layers by a printhead.
A single model is created layer by layer.3D printing offers several advantages: In contrast to plastic injection molding, the models come out of the printer already finished. B. Assembly work. In addition, the "resolution" is now very high, which means that more delicate and detailed models can be created than in injection molding technology.The innovative production process has been in use in the high-tech industries (especially medicine and automotive) for several years.Production is expensive because the 3D printer and the consumables are very expensive. For this, models can be produced with unprecedented levels of detail and filigree.
Packaging Unit: 1 piece

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