Noch 15021 Firemen In Black Uniform (5) And Ladders (2) Figure Set

Noch 15021 Firemen In Black Uniform (5) And Ladders (2) Figure Set

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Details fire departmentIn 2017 we celebrate a small figure anniversary: ​​in 1997 the first NOCH figures came onto the market and in the meantime the program has blossomed quite a bit. We now have over 250 different figure sets and offer 500 individual figures on That is definitely impressive.The "Fire Brigade" set includes five firefighters who wear fireproof protective suits. This consists of a black, knee-length jacket, black trousers, black safety shoes and black gloves. A yellow hard hat sits on the head. There are yellow light strips everywhere on the clothing so that the firefighters are not overlooked in the dark and can continue their work without interruption.Two figures have a small, red fire extinguisher in their hands.The model figures, as well as the two included ladders, are hand-painted and in 1:87 scale.

Packaging Unit: 1 piece

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