Noch 15864 Wedding Guests (6) Figure Set HO

Noch 15864 Wedding Guests (6) Figure Set HO

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Family and friends should not be missing from a traditional wedding. Hence, the bridal couple would like to share this unforgettable moment with their loved ones.

Next to the best man and maid of honour, the most important ones will probably be the parents of the bride and groom. There’s also a photographer at most weddings to capture this unforgettable moment. Bridesmaids, consisting of the bride’s sisters and friends, should not be missing at such a wedding.

The Figures Set contains 6 figures dressed for the occasion. The sister of the bride is clapping her hands enthusiastically. She is wearing a short pink dress and hair accessories of the same colour, while another guest has put his son on his shoulders so that he can see everything that’s happening. He is wearing a dark blue suit and a bow tie.

Next to him are the bride’s parents, who are linking arms. They are both very smartly dressed. The mother of the bride is wearing an elegant red dress with a matching hat, while the father of the bride is wearing a plain suit. The photographer is also dressed up. He is wearing a brown jacket over a shirt and tie and suit trousers. He’s ready to take a photo and is therefore holding the camera in front of his face.

You’ll make your dream wedding on your model layout perfect with this Figures Set!

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