NOCH 60114 - Noch Gras-Master 3 part Sieve Set

NOCH 60114 - Noch Gras-Master 3 part Sieve Set

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Details sieve set, 3-part for the Gras-Master 3.0 and Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI

"Sieve set, 3-part "

The "sieve set" contains a fine, medium and coarse sieve. 

As a rule of thumb, the shorter the grass fibres, the finer the sieve:
Use the fine sieve for 2.5 mm long grass fibres.
For 12 mm long grass fibres the coarse sieve etc.

But don't be afraid to experiment: If you put long grass fibres in the middle sieve, fewer fibres will reach the ground. In this way, dry, light meadows can be displayed or different grass fibres can be gently mixed into one another on the ground. The imagination knows no limits!

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