Noch Summer Meadow Green Grass Mat 200 x 100cm

Noch Summer Meadow Green Grass Mat 200 x 100cm

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NOCH grass mats are imitation meadows, true to life and a decorative addition for every model diorama and layout.

They have the natural effect of standing up blades of grass.

The hard-wearing special paper is densely flocked with grass fibres, so that the grass fibres standing upright in it create a mat that is true to nature.

The mats are versatile: you can use them as a whole or cut them into smaller areas.

The NOCH grass mats are perfect for greening up any surface. Simply cut them to size with craft scissors and stick them on. 

With the "Summer Meadow" grass mat, nothing stands in the way of spring on your model landscape! The bright lush green makes your landscape look fresh and radiant.

Additional information for DIY and handycrafting

“Summer meadow” grass mat for creative crafts, decoration, DIYs and the construction of model landscapes, architectural models and nativity scenes.

The grass mat is delivered as a roll and is 200 x 100 cm in size. It is electrostatically flocked with 2.5 mm long synthetic grass fibers. This means the fibers stand upright - it looks like a real, velvety-soft, fresh meadow!

Contents: Grass mat “Summerwise” 200 x 100 cm rolled, length of grass fiber 2.5 mm

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