Nock 07300 Mid Green Leafy Foliage 20x23cm
Nock 07300 Mid Green Leafy Foliage 20x23cmNock 07300 Mid Green Leafy Foliage 20x23cmNock 07300 Mid Green Leafy Foliage 20x23cm

Nock 07300 Mid Green Leafy Foliage 20x23cm

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Details Meadow Foliage

Realistic Scenery Design!Foliage is an essential product for creating high-quality model landscapes and is used in several areas. Using foliage, soils appear in more natural colours and realistic structures; riverbanks and forest edges have an effect of natural vegetation; bushes and trees are enhanced by the foliage volume, so appear more realistic.

In order to satisfy the various applications, we have developed four different foliages.

Classic Foliage: The »classic« Foliage is equipped with a fine, naturally coloured flock. It is ideally suited for decorating ground cover, lichen and base vegetation. We recommend applying the foliage in order to make unnaturally consistent green areas more realistic.Wild Grass Foliage: Wild Grass Foliage is made by electrostatic flocking, combining different grasses and flocks. It is the ideal product for creating realistic pastures on forest edges, natural meadows as well as on riverbanks or lakes.Meadow Foliage: The Meadow Foliage is also created by electrostatic flocking. In contrast to the Wild Grass Foliage, shorter grass fibres are used. The Meadow Foliage is applied in all areas, as for example for meadows, pastures and agricultural land.Leafy Foliage: Leafy Foliage is exquisitely recreated by the flocking of the unique finely cut NOCH leaves. This article is particularly useful when flocking bushes and trees, as well as modelling small bushes and ground cover.Product Highlights:

Razor-thin and highly flexible substrate: It’s possible to use the foliage on bumpy surfaces or rip it into small pieces to apply it exactly.Permanently flexible adhesive: For this flocking we use a permanently flexible glue which ensures the flexibility of the foliage.High-quality flocking: The foliage is flocked with up to five different materials, in conjunction with electrostatic flocking. This guarantees the natural appearance of NOCH Foliage.

Contents: 0.05 qm
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece
Length: 200.00 mm
Width: 230.00 mm

How-to-tip Meadow Foliage

Size fitting: The foliage is split by hand into its desired size. Extra realistic edges can be formed by ripping.

Forming: Thanks to the highly flexible substrate, the foliage can be easily stretched and thinly applied. It is also possible to compress the foliage to obtain more structure and volume (for example ground covers or small bushes).

Application: Thanks to the finely spun substrate, the foliage can be fixed, sometimes even without any adhesive (for example in trees and bushes). If the foliage should be glued, we recommend Grass Glue (ref. 61130) or Scenery Glue (ref. 61133). Both adhesives dry transparently.

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