OC32-ADM/SI Module

OC32-ADM/SI Module

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VPEB Dinamo OC32-ADM/PSI Module.


OC32-ADM/SI (4,8A power sink-driver)
Use this driver when the required current is larger than the 500mA supported by the
standard driver. A load is connected between Vp and the ADM output. The current flows
from the positive voltage (Vp) through your load to the output and on the OC32 via the ADM
to GND/0V.
Each output can provide 4,8A as an absolute maximum
Take Care: this is a peak current. Continuous load shall be kept below 2A per channel
and below 3A total current for each driver module.
There is no current limitation in the OC32, so you have to take care of that 


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