OC32/NG full-H bridge 4 pairs 4,8A
 OC32/NG full-H bridge 4 pairs 4,8AOC32/NG full-H bridge 4 pairs 4,8A 

OC32/NG full-H bridge 4 pairs 4,8A

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VPEB Dinamo OC32/NG full-H bridge 4 pairs 4,8A


This is used for driving DCC Concepts IP Analoge point motors or Tortoise style point motors.


A bidirectional motor is a motor that runs into two directions. An example is a turnout
motor which moves slowly. The problem is reversing the current to have the motor run the
other way around. This can be done with a so called "H-bridge" circuit. By putting both a Sink
Driver and a Source Driver into the OC32 such a Hbridge is established. The motor has to be connected
between two consecutive outputs.
The motor runs in one direction when output Q(x) is
active. When output Q(x+1) is active the motor runs
in the other direction. Also the speed can be adjusted.
Take care: It is of vital importance that Q(x) and
Q(x+1) are never active at the same time.
This can be set-up in the OC32 configuration.
When the motor draws more current than 350mA at
maximum load (not being maximum speed) preferably use the OC32-ADM/FH

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