PECO PL-25 Electro-Magnetic Decoupler Unit - N Gauge

PECO PL-25 Electro-Magnetic Decoupler Unit - N Gauge

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A useful remote operating feature for use with Peco N Gauge ELC couplings, or other N gauge couplings that do not incorporate a spring. 16 unobtrusive Coupling Lift Arms are supplied with this unit (NR-103 Coupling Lift Arms pack contains 32 if more are required). The uncoupler creates a temporary magnetic field which attracts the steel lift arm down, thereby pivoting the coupling upwards to decouple (at other times trains run through unaffected). A 16v AC supply is required, operated by a non latching push button (not included). Installation is simple, just drill a small hole in the centre of the trackbed and fit the unit under the baseboard with 2 screws. Full instructions included.

  • NR-103 N Coupler Lift Arms

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