RC5500002 OBB Railjet '100 Years Of OBB' Rh1116 Train Pack VI

RC5500002 OBB Railjet '100 Years Of OBB' Rh1116 Train Pack VI

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The railways in Austria have always had an eventful history. On July 19, 1923, the National Council passed the Federal Railways Act, with which a separate economic body, the Austrian Federal Railways (BBÖ), was formed as a company for the first time. Due to the enormous lack of coal at that time, there was an electrification push. After the turmoil of World War II, the focus was on reconstruction. This was followed by the replacement of the steam locomotives and the introduction of the first interval timetable.

After the transformation from a state-owned company to a company in 1992 due to the impending accession to the EU, ÖBB was restructured in 2004 in the ÖBB Holding AG group with operative subsidiaries. The Railjet trains went into service with the 2008/2009 timetable change. They are among the fastest locomotive-hauled trains in the world.

100 years later, the Austrian Federal Railways are celebrating this historic event. To mark this occasion, a particularly attractive Railjet will be put on the rails. The motto of this train is: "100 years of ÖBB - 100 reasons to work for ÖBB".

1:87 Scale model of a Rh1116 Electric Locomotive decorated in OBB livery. This model features lots of expertly applied details as based on the prototype, a high level of body detail and excellent running characteristics.

The train set consists of an electric locomotive 1116 251-0, four economy class carriages, one first class carriage, a dining car and a control car.

One-time edition in special packaging
With elaborate, sophisticated printing
Models with NEM shaft and enclosed rigid coupling
Control car with PluX16 interface
Licensed ÖBB model
Z21 driver's cab available
1 x Roco Electric Locomotive
6 x Roco Passenger Coaches
1 x Roco Driving Coach

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