DCC Concepts Relay DPDT Standard Type (3 Pack)

DCC Concepts Relay DPDT Standard Type (3 Pack)

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Relay DPDT Standard Type (3 Pack)Relay DPDT Standard Type (3 Pack)Three super quality (Panasonic) double pole double throw relays (Standard on-off switching coil type). Adding a relay can double the functionality of a decoder output and make it possible to do things not possible any other way. дус You can also use relays to switch devices of much higher power than a decoder function could ever handle. These top quality relays are only 10.6(L) 5.6(W) and 8.6(H). дус Perfect for tight spaces and DCC installation switching or other forms of layout control. Gold contacts with a 1 amp contact rating (switching). Coil resistance 810 ohms. Nominal 9v, but usable for switching of all DCC decoder outputs (See datasheet link).Click to view other Relays in our range.

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