RTS GREENKEEPER® 25Kv - static grass applicator set

RTS GREENKEEPER® 25Kv - static grass applicator set

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RTS GREENKEEPER® 25Kv - Static grass applicator set

The RTS Greenkeeper 25Kv static grass applicator set we recommend that i can be used with static grass up to 10 mm in length.

Suitable for nominal sizes Z (1: 220) to H0 (1:87) as well as table top, military, fantasy and Christmas crib model making

This set contains:

  • RTS GREENKEEPER® 25Kv static grass applicator.
  • 4 flat screens in sizes: XS, fine, coarse and XL
  • Flat sieve insert (2 pieces)
  • Sealing cover
  • 2 exchangeable containers 200 ml
  • 9 volt battery pack
  • Mating pole cable
  • Contact spring
  • Transport case
  • operation manual
  • operation manual
  • Note: Not suitable for children under 15 years
Additional information
  • Weight 0.45359237 kg
Technical specifications
  • Battery or accumulator operation (E-Block)
  • Operating voltage: 8.4 to 9.6 volts
  • Powerful due to high output voltage up to 25,000 volts (25 kV)
  • Suitable for grass fiber lengths up to 10 mm
  • Dimensions: Height approx. 140 mm, Ø approx. 70 mm
  • volume approx. 220 ml
  • high-voltage parts installed in a touch-safe manner
  • electronic current limitation
  • operating control lamp (LED)
  • strainer attachments and opposite pole cables also available as spare parts
  • Made in Germany

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