Sprog NANO  Nano-sized Computer Interface

Sprog NANO Nano-sized Computer Interface

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Sprog NANO Nano-sized Computer InterfaceSPROG Nano is USB powered and requires no external power supply. SPROG-NANO will give you an easy to get on with programming interface _as is_, however connect it to a 3 ampSPROG booster and you have the ability ability to run trains via your computer and on-screen throttles.Originally designed to work with Decoder Pro, SPROG will also work with other software such as Rocrail. (If no specific SPROG Nano support is indicated please select SPROG II as the hardware type)SPROG Nano USB drivers for Windows can be downloaded from our website or supplied on the optional CD-ROM at time of purchase. No special drivers are required for MacOS or Linux where the SPROG Nano should appear as a USB serial device.Excellent SPROG backup is available from the SPROG Yahoo Group which is attended by the SPROG designer and software creator.

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