Train-O-Matic 02030101 Solenoid Turnout Decoder

Train-O-Matic 02030101 Solenoid Turnout Decoder

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Turnout Decoder

02030101 TD MAXI

The TD Maxi decoder by tOm is a DCC accessory decoder and can drive 4 turnouts with two electromagnets or with motor drive. It can also be successfully used to drive various accessories: Electromagnetic relays, LEDs or incandescent bulbs, etc. The particularity and originality of the decoder is the use of a group of capacitors as an electric charge battery (CDU Capacitor Discharge Unit). With this circuit you can greatly reduce the electrical shock experienced in digital systems when switching a turnout with high power consumption. Capacitors help to create a current pulse for a safer and steady switching. The charging current of the capacitors is constant, without adverse effects for the system (this constant current can be set by CV41). More than that, the start of the charging operation can be delayed randomly after the power up, so in the case of using several TD Maxi decoders on the same layout, the DCC system will be not overloaded at the power on sequence.


- Usable in any NMRA compatible DCC system

- Block address in the range 1-512 (or 0-511)

- Protection against short circuit and overheating

- Decoder reset by entering any numerical value in CV8

- Switching reversal by CV38

- Save the last state

- Duration of output On state programmable in CV3, CV4, CV5, CV6

- Programming address mode or continuous programming

- DCC command buffer, for sequential switching



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