Train-O-Matic ABC  Brake Module

Train-O-Matic ABC Brake Module

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Train-O-Matic  tOm 02060301 Brake Module

Brake Module.


With the help of a brake module, digital model train decoders capable for ABC operation,  register the asymmetry in the symmetrical DCC track voltage. It will use this status information to brake the engine till complete stop. The braking distance can be controlled with the use of the brake delay or constant breaking distance CV settings of the mobile decoder. Because the brake module is only connected to one rail of the track, trains coming from the opposite direction will pass thru the section. If the train doesn’t have to stop in the section, or the waiting time has elapsed, the Brake Module can be short circuited with a physical switch or with the contacts of a relay, and the train will continue to run.

Main features:

  • Usable in DCC systems with mobile decoders that support the ABC system (This includes all Train-O-Matic Lokommander II decoders)
  • Free passage in the opposite direction
  • Exact stopping in front of signals


Package includes:1 x tOm Brake Module, 2x screws, 2x plastic spacers

Size L23 x W16.5 x H11


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