Train-O-Matic Micro 2 Wires RailCom transmitter Function Decoder

Train-O-Matic Micro 2 Wires RailCom transmitter Function Decoder

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 Train-O-Matic's  new Micro function decoder by is a welcome addition to the Lokommander II decoder line-up. 

The small size of 13 x 9.3 mm and 6 pin connection, make it suitable for many small coaches. 

This new Micro function decoder is available in different versions Therefore you can add digital functionality to any coach or car of any age.


On the 6 solder pads there are the track and the classic FL/RL (Out1/Out2) connections, which are 100 mA current capable power outputs.

 A Brilliant feature for power back up are the solder pads for direct connection of external capacitors (25Vdc capacitors are advised, it is not necessary to use higher voltage capacitors). 

On the opposite side there are 4 logical outputs, capable to drive directly 4 LEDs, without the need of series resistors. There are many light effects for the LEDs to choose from.


Also on the board are Vcc and GND connection pads. If the Train-O-Matic SPP or SPP-N (Powerpack) is used, it has to be connected to the Vcc and GND solder pads and one of the logical outputs must be sacrificed to control the power pack (Charge). The SPP control can be configured in the CVs.


With the Ability to use in N scale, for example with the Train-O-Matic Shine Plus Mini Digi light strips. 

The decoder has full RailCom capabilities, A version is available as RailCom transmitter, with only 2 wires connected to the rails.

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