Train-O-Matic Smart Power Pack (SPP) Energy buffer
 Train-O-Matic Smart Power Pack (SPP) Energy bufferTrain-O-Matic Smart Power Pack (SPP) Energy buffer 

Train-O-Matic Smart Power Pack (SPP) Energy buffer

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Train-O-Matic Train-O-Matic Smart Power Pack (SPP) Energy Buffer

Our very affordable Smart Power Packs come with a supercapacitor, giving you several seconds of extra power to keep on running on dirty tracks.

Connects to all Train-O-Matic decoders, ESU decoders with connection for a PowerPack, Lenz Gold with USP connection and any decoder supporting the three wire connection for an energy buffer.

There are two versions:
SPP - Supercapacitor is fitted on top of board
SPP-N - A smaller supercapacitor is fitted behind the board.

In real world use, both supercapacitors give a few seconds of extra power, no matter its size.

For instructions, follow the manual of your decoder. For Train-O-Matic see higher on this page.

Size: ca 21 x 10 x 13.5 mm
Size Supercapacitor: 8.2 x 12 mm

SPP Powerpack with ESU Lokpilot/Loksound v4 + v5

The Train-O-Matic SPP’s are fully compatible with ESU decoders. You’ll need to change some CV settings, which are not in the ESU manual. You can read them by clicking here.

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