Train Tech SS2L Sensor Signal (LH Feather) 2 Aspect Distant

Train Tech SS2L Sensor Signal (LH Feather) 2 Aspect Distant

Train Tech SS2L

Sensor Signal (LH Feather) 2 Aspect Distant

Yellow & Green LEDs

OO Scale/ 1:76

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Train Tech SS2L Sensor Signal (LH Feather) 2 Aspect Distant

OO Scale/ 1:76

Yellow & Green LEDs

With the use of the Sensor Signal developed by Train Tech you can easily add automatic signalling into your layout in seconds. The signals work by detecting a locomotive, or full train passing by it using a very small infrared sensor built in to the signal base. As soon as the locomotive has passed the sensor the signal changes to yellow and will stay yellow for about seven seconds to let the train clear the block. It then reverts back to green.

If more than one signal is being used in a section, such as a distant and home combination, the two signals can be linked by a single wire. This enables a signal sequence to be activated when the train passes the first signal. As the locomotive passes the first sensor the signal changes to yellow (as before) but as the train passes the second sensor the previous signal reverts to green and the additional signal changes to yellow which gives fully automatic block signalling, just like the real railway.

If you have multiple aspect signals (3 and 4) the yellows are also incorporated into this sequence. These signals are easy to set up and only require a single wire to link them all together to the sequence.

These signals can be used on both DC and DCC layouts using two methods of installation.

On DCC layouts you just need to connect the base prongs to the underside of the rails (like a power clip) this then enables them to be given a DCC address or run them automatically. To install these signals onto an existing layout you can cut the prongs off at the dotted lines and solder two wires onto the back of the PCB and run the wires to the power Bus Wires.

On DC layouts you need to cut the prongs at the dotted lines and solder two wires onto the base and connect them to a smooth 12V DC power supply. If you do not already have a suitable smooth DC supply then we recommend the GMC-WM4 12V DC Wall Mounted Transformer, which gives great value for money and 1.25 amps of power, enough to power about 20 signals per supply.

The Feather on this signal can be controlled separately by programming it to a different address or by connecting it to a point motor with auxiliary terminals of DC use.

On both DC or DCC these sensor signals can be linked to the Mimic Switches for a manual override to yellow, control of a route indication and LEDs indicating signal colour and track occupation.


Height 70mm




Scale  OO
Gauge  OO
Type  Signalling

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