Train Tech ST1 Track Sensor with instructions

Train Tech ST1 Track Sensor with instructions

Train Tech ST1 Track Sensor with instructionsŚć

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Product Code:  TTST1
Brand:  Train-Tech
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Train Tech ST1 Track Sensor

The Track sensor is similar to the Train Tech Sensor Signal and detects in exactly the same way, except that it has no signal head.

Comes complete with detailed instructions.

It can clip into OO track in the same way or be wired in, works on both DCC and DC layouts and has the same sockets to connect it to other Layout Link products.

Although it is designed to clip into OO track, it can also be located close to N track to operate accessories such as TTLCN10 Level Crossing & display occupancy with modification etc.

äó˘ Trigger the TTLC10 Level Crossing lights and sounds when a Train approaches

äó˘ Control Semaphore signals automatically using TTSC300 controllerŚć

äó˘ Link to a Mimic Switch or Mimic Light to show trains passing and occupancy

äó˘ Link to a Sensor Signal to change the following block section signal statusŚć

äó˘ UseŚć to control a Ground Position shunt signal automatically

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