Uhlenbrock 63130 USB LocoNet interface without LocoNet Tool

Uhlenbrock 63130 USB LocoNet interface without LocoNet Tool

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USB LocoNet interface without LocoNet ToolThe LocoNet interface is suitable without a computer connection, such as DAISY or Mí_rklin Control Unit 6021 with infrared & Loconet adapter for all LocoNet command stations. The interface is connected to a USB port on a computer. It is very suitable for automatic system control.The USB-LocoNet-Interface connects the PC directly to the LocoNet with the following systems:äó¢ Uhlenbrock Intellibox, DAISY, Track-Control, IntelliLightäó¢ Mí_rklin 6021 with 6021-Infrared & LocoNet adapteräó¢ Fleischmann Twin-Center, ProfiBoss, LokBossäó¢ PIKO Power Boxäó¢ Digitrax centers without PC interfacesTo control a software such. B. Win-Digipet required which is able auzugeben LocoNet commands.Note: Feedback from s88-modules to Mí_rklin devices (Memory, Interface) are connected, can not be transmitted to the computer.OS Required: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows. 7Scope of supply: LocoNet interface, LocoNet and USB connection cable, manualItem 63130 USB-LocoNet-Interface without LocoNet Tool

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