Uhlenbrock 63220 Power 40 Booster

Uhlenbrock 63220 Power 40 Booster

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Uhlenbrock 63220 Power 40 Booster

The new generation of boosters

In the case of model railway systems with a lot of traffic, the range of services offered by the headquarters is quickly exhausted.
A booster is needed to operate a larger number of vehicles.
The new generation boosters are operated with switching power supplies, which are included in the scope of delivery.

The LocoNet-capable boosters Power 22, Power 40 and Power 70 are powerful multi-protocol boosters. Multi-protocol means that they can be used in 2-wire and 3-wire operation for the data formats DCC, Motorola, mfx, Selectrix and FMZ.

If the booster is operated on an Intellibox II, any error messages are shown in plain text on the Intellibox display.

The characteristics of all boosters

  • Multi-protocol booster for the data formats DCC, Märklin-Motorola, mfx, Selectrix and FMZ
  • Can be switched to DCC brake generator mode
  • LocoNet-capable, therefore particularly suitable for modular systems
  • You can operate up to seven reversing loops, each of which is connected to a reversing loop relay.

They can also be used as a brake generator in DCC systems. Depending on the preset delay of the decoder used, the locomotives brake prototypically in stopping areas. You can connect as many braking areas as you want.

  • With output for reverse loop relay
  • RailCom support
  • Short-circuit proof, overload proof
  • Setting via LocoNet CVs
  • Compatible with the ABC brake system

Power 40

The universal 3.5 A booster for Z, N, TT, H0 and 0 gauges

  • Compatible with central units from Uhlenbrock, Märklin, Fleischmann, Piko, KM1, Lenz, ESU, Viessmann and many more
  • Selectable output voltage
  • Maximum output current: 3.5 A.
  • Connections: LocoNet B, DCC booster (CDE), Märklin booster
  • Setting via switch and via LocoNet CV programming

The output voltage can be selected on the switched-mode power supply.

  • 17 V for track H0 3-wire (Märklin) and track 0
  • 15 V for track N, TT, H0
  • 11 V for track Z

Type  Digital Control Booster

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