Uhlenbrock 65150 Intellibox 2neo

Uhlenbrock 65150 Intellibox 2neo

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Uhlenbrock 65150 Intellibox 2neo

Compact - functional - everything you need

The Intellibox 2neo is the new variant of the Intellibox II. Equipped with today's technologies, it is equipped for the future.

Not only the young generation of model railroaders, but also those who are familiar with older digital technology devices will immediately get along with the Intellibox 2neo. We have retained the previous operating concept of the Intellibox II. Lots of new features are waiting for you.

The Intellibox 2neo is of course technically up-to-date while maintaining the proven ergonomics. So it goes without saying that you can continue to use our previous devices in connection with the Intellibox 2neo.

The large, high-resolution display stands out in terms of appearance. The corresponding parameters are displayed in plain text and function symbols. The display is extremely detailed and also very easy to read from the side.

The additional buttons on the right and left of the display have context-related assignments and are therefore suitable for quick access to menu items and functions.

The vehicles' speed can be displayed in speed levels, as a percentage of the maximum speed and also in km/h. Up to 32,768 special functions per locomotive can be switched.

It can be controlled using a mobile phone or tablet via your own WLAN.

When combined with LISSY or MARCo, you can display the position of your train on the layout.

You can enter up to 500 vehicles in the locomotive database, with the locomotive name and function symbols up to function F28.

Another highlight is the decoder programming in plain text. This eliminates the hassle of searching for the locomotive decoder operating instructions for programming standard CVs in DCC format. The detailed help function, a model time clock, the booster mode and the computer connection via the USB port complete the essence of the Intellibox 2neo.


As before: everything in one box

With the Intellibox 2neo you are fully equipped for digital operation.

The Intellibox 2neo can be operated on 2 and 3-wire systems. It supports up to 128 speed steps and 9999 decoder addresses. Locomotive and function decoders in Motorola, DCC or Selectrix format as well as turnout and switching decoders in Motorola or DCC format from different manufacturers can be used at the same time.

A single device provides you with the following components of a digital system: central unit, booster, two speed controllers, keyboard, programmer, interface, feedback monitor, route control, model time clock and the LISSY/ MARCo mode with the DirectDrive function.

The integrated infrared receiver enables the direct use of the previous infrared remote control IRIS.

Item No. 65150 Intellibox 2neo


Essential Properties

  • Large, high-resolution display with backlight
  • Detailed representation, therefore very easy to read
  • Information in plain text or as symbols
  • Night design, backlit keys
  • Contextual key assignment
  • Data format DCC, Motorola, Selectrix ® , mfx ®
  • Up to 128 speed steps (DCC)
  • Up to 9999 decoder addresses
  • Multiple traction
  • DirectDrive function in connection with LISSY/MARCo
  • Set points, signals and routes
  • Locomotive commands can be inserted into routes
  • Routes can be called up via feedback contacts
  • Speed ​​display also in km/h
  • Up to 32,768 special functions can be switched per locomotive
  • Locomotive database with locomotive names
  • Decoder programming in plain text
  • Locomotive position display in connection with LISSY/MARCo
  • Booster mode for monitoring the LocoNet booster
  • Help function
  • Model time clock
  • Integrated infrared receiver
  • Connections for LocoNet, transformer, track, programming track, booster, DCC booster and s88N modules
  • USB computer connection
  • Data backup via the PC
  • Cool Power Technology


New properties

  • Supplied adjustable 75 VA switching power supply
  • Switchable output voltage 11, 15, 17, 21 V, therefore also suitable for Z gauge
  • Compatible with the ABC braking system
  • s88-N connector
  • Data format mfx ®
  • Automatic registration of mfx locomotive decoders
  • MFX locomotives can also be transferred directly to a controller with a normal address, without going through the database
  • Up to 28 mfx special functions switchable


Integrated WiFi
  • Integrated LocoNet-over-TCP server for all control systems with LocoNet-over-TCP. For example JMRI and Rocrail
  • Support Z21 network protocol: It works with Android and iOS apps as well as WLANMAUS
  • Support for the wiTrottle protocol driver and the hand controller UWT-100 from TCS
  • Integrated web server
  • Access point mode implemented: The adapter creates its own WLAN
  • Station mode for network integration

5A Power Supply included

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