Uhlenbrock 67200 MD2 turnout decoder

Uhlenbrock 67200 MD2 turnout decoder

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Uhlenbrock 67200 MD2 turnout decoderFree Address setting without decoder specificationsSwitches and signals with an electromagnetic drive that should be digitally controlled, must be equipped with an accessory decoder. Lamps, light signals or track sections that are to be digitally turned on and off are digitized with a switching decoder.Uhlenbrock Magnetartikel- and switching decoders can be used in M_rklin-, Motorola and DCC digital systems. In Motorola mode, the addresses 1-320 which addresses are addressed 1-256 with other centers with the Intellibox. In DCC mode the addresses 1-2048 are possible. The addresses are not specified. They can be independently selected dates. Each module has two outputs. Type Depending on both outputs can be accessed independently from two addresses together under one address or.The relay contacts of the switch decoder have isolated outputs and can be connected either way.Each output can be loaded with 1 A. The restriction to two ports per module, the cable routes remain short and the wiring of the system clearly. The connection is made easily via screw terminals. The address setting is extremely simple. Only the programming button of the decoder, and then the corresponding soft key is pressed on the control panel. The decoder simply remembers the corresponding address. The decoder is provided by the digital command station with operating voltage and control information.Turns per pulse (+20 V) via two addresses independently two solenoids with a drive (switch, signal) or a solenoid with two drives (Dreiwegweiche, double slip switch, signal with distant signal). The module is protected against short circuit.Item 67200 MD2 turnout decoder For Motorola and DCC digital systems Depending on the type of pulse or continuous current Large address space Free Address selector Address setting by pressing a button Relay contacts with potential free outputs High load: 1 A per output Easy connection Size: 38 x 32 x 15 mm

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