Uhlenbrock 73700 Intelli Drive Mini Function Decoder 73700

Uhlenbrock 73700 Intelli Drive Mini Function Decoder 73700

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Product Code:  UH73700
Brand:  Uhlenbrock
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Uhlenbrock 73700 Mini Function Decoder 

Wires Only

The functions:

  • Six function outputs
  • All outputs can switch, flash and dim depending on the direction of travel and time
  • Function mapping to F44
  • Switch-on and switch-off times for flashing outputs can each be set separately
  • Second brightness (dimming) switchable via function key
  • Fading in and out outputs with adjustable fade time
  • Adjustable neon lamp effect, energy-saving lamps, clutch control, programmable PWM modulation (e.g. Gyrolight, Marslight, etc.)
  • RailCom Plus
  • Data formats DCC and Motorola II
  • Connection via cable + solder pads
  • Programmable via CV (DCC) and Motorola digital center
  • Can be loaded up to 0.6 A, 0.6 A per output
  • Size 9.5 x 7.8 x 2.4mm

Item No. 73700 Mini Function Decoder

Decoder type  wires only
Motor current, continuous  0.8A
Function Outputs  6
RailCom  Yes

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