Uhlenbrock Speaker 18x13 mm

Uhlenbrock Speaker 18x13 mm

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Brand:  Uhlenbrock
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Uhlenbrock UH31102 Speaker 18x13 mm

  • Gauge: N - H0 
  • Size in mm: 20 x 14 x 10 
  • Power: 0.7 W 
  • Impedance: 8 ohms 

The loudspeakers that we offer in the H0 range especially for Uhlenbrock IntelliSound modules and decoders are characterized by the smallest dimensions. But there is also the possibility that a loudspeaker can be installed in a "ghost car" directly behind the locomotive.

New in the program are two small rectangular speakers with sound boxes that deliver a great sound for the size. They are particularly suitable for N, TT and H0 vehicles with little installation space.

In the H0 range, we offer you various speakers with sound boxes. When selecting a speaker, the larger the speaker, the more powerful the sound. For vehicles in which the speakers with resonant body find no place, we offer flat speakers without sound box.

The 23mm and 28mm speakers are for vehicles that are factory fitted with a corresponding speaker mount.

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