Viessmann 8401 CarMotion Programmer

Viessmann 8401 CarMotion Programmer

HO Scale/ 1:87

Viessmann CarMotion

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VIESSMANN 8401 CarMotion Programmer

HO Scale/ 1:87

With the programming device you can make various settings as well as software updates on your CarMotion vehicles.

A USB cable is connected to the charging socket of the vehicle and to the USB-A socket of a computer or a hub, adapter or other. The user-friendly operating software communicates with the vehicle, provides information about the charging status, the distance travelled etc. Furthermore, it enables comfortable setting of various vehicle parameters such as speed, active functions, light brightness and many more. In particular, it is used for setting the desired reactions of the vehicles to the commands that can be triggered by the magnet arrangement in the roadway. Moreover, it is easy to copy configurations between vehicles.



Scale  HO Scale
Condition  New
Gauge  HO
Type  Automated Car System

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