Viessmann CAR-Motion 8404 IR Traffic

Viessmann CAR-Motion 8404 IR Traffic

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Viessmann CAR-Motion 8404 IR Traffic

Product information "IR Traffic"
The IR Traffic is an enhanced version of the IR Mini, item 8403, featuring the same fundamental functionalities, including the ability to invoke all vehicle macros, digital capability (DCC), and configuration through the CarManager. Additionally, it provides 2 control inputs, 5 Hall sensor inputs, 2 outputs for controlling Viessmann traffic lights (items 5094/5095), eMotion figures, and other items. It includes a control output for the motorized 2/3-way turnout, item 8448, capable of driving servos as well. Furthermore, it features 2 outputs for IR LEDs, allowing the simultaneous control of multiple LEDs. 2 IR LEDs are included. The module enables the implementation of intersections using Hall sensors, where vehicles from side streets are only permitted to enter when there are no priority vehicles in the intersection area. Suitable LEDs for this purpose are the IR LEDs, items 8442 and 8443, along with the car detectors, item 8441.

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