YaMoRC YD9401
YaMoRC YD9401YaMoRC YD9401YaMoRC YD9401

Model Railroading is fun.
Above all it is multi-disciplined: Rolling stock, Track work, Scenery, Accessories and Electronics all call upon their own products, skills and knowledge. All this makes it a very versatile and educational hobby for young, old and in between.

YaMoRC YD9401

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Product Code:  YD9401
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The WiFi / LAN upgrade to replace a Digikeijs DR5000`s RM04 outdated Wifi/LAN module.

It presents :

  • WiFi/WLAN accesspoint for standalone operation without the need for an external router
  • LAN 100baseT Ethernet port to integrate the gateway in your home network
  • Built-in Webserver for configuring and operating the DR5000 with no need for PC or Phone/Tablet installed Software or Apps. Just runs from any browser !
  • XpressNet-LAN, Z21®, LocoNet Binary, LocoNet LBServer, JMRI: WiThrottle  and YD.Command protocols on WiFi and LAN and … SIMULTANEOUS !
  • Your DR5000 turns in to a YD7000 COMMAND STATION !
  • This upgrade can be done by the end-user. We will provide a new sticker to cover the screw holes. In case you do not trust yourselve to open the DR5000 and change the WiFi/LAN Module, we provide an upgrade service. Please contact us for details.

Note: Applying this upgrade voids your Digikeijs warranty on the product. YaMoRC cannot take over the warranty on the DR5000 part for legal reasons. On the YD9401 however, YaMoRC guarantees it`s normal warranty.

Setup Video.

Instruction Manual

PDF Instruction CLICK HERE

Manual for YD7001 CLICK HERE


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