Economy Slim Motor Decoder; 0.8A; 4 FO; PluX-12

Economy Slim Motor Decoder; 0.8A; 4 FO; PluX-12

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Product Code:  MX600P12
Brand:  Zimo
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Zimo MX600P12, (Version Plux12)

  • DCC + RailCom, DC Analogue
  • 30 V Maximum Voltage 0,8 A Motor- and Total Current (1,5 A Peak Current)
  • 4 Function Outputs (Lv, Lr, FA1, FA2) with 500 mA Total Current
  • All known ZIMO features such as Update Capability,
  • Motor Control and Regulation,
  • Lighting Effects,Train Control, Feedback, etc.
  • Dimensions (without Plug) 25 x 11 x 2 mm

The intention of creating this decoder type is to produce a decoder quite similar to a "standard" decoder of the competition, and, for railway modellers, to make the decoder as attractive as possible, with a focus on the things that he "really needs", and omitting features which are superfluous for most modellers. With ZIMO, the actual reductions compared to the "normal" decoders are rather small (see short list at the end of this message) and for the intended use (i.e. for DCC operation without SUSI and servos) is not noticeable The term "Flat Decoder" is due to the low height of the placement of all components on one side (2 mm). Their more important effect is probably that a particularly low price is possible, much cheaper than the other ZIMO decoders with components on both sides of the printed circuit board. Cost optimization has been achieved with the circuitry and components, but for the vast majority of applications, the MX600 still a full ZIMO decoder.

Decoder type  Plux12
Motor current, continuous  0.8A
Function Outputs  4

Zimo MX600P12 Decoder

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