Zimo MX820Y Accessory Decoder

Zimo MX820Y Accessory Decoder

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Zimo MX820Y Accessory Decoder MX820YThe main common data for all types of accessories decoder family MX820 of Zimo : DCC + Railcom Dimensions 19 x 11 x 2 mm (single-sided loading types MX820E, MX820X) or 19 x 11 x 3 mm (other types) 1 A total current for all consumers (3 A peak) 4 switch inputs for feedback contacts or "forced circuits"The types of decoder family MX820 : Type MX820E: a crossover (coil, motor, EPL-drive) or zweibegriffiges signal (bulbs, LEDs) Type MX820D: how MX820E but sealed against water spray (closed shrink tubing) Type MX820V: 2 points (drives as above) or zweibegriffige signals Type MX820X: how MX820E (ie 1 Soft), but an additional 8-light outputs (open collector, 100 mA) for signal lights Type MX820Y: how MX820V (ie 2 points), but an additional 16 light outputs (open collector, 100 mA) for signal lights Type MX820Z: without normal outputs, "only" 16 light outputs (open collector) for signal lightsThe decoders of the MX820 family serve for switching turnouts with Doppelspulen-, motor and EPL-drives, as well as signals with bulbs or LEDs. The MX820 is its compact design (as were the predecessors MX82) particularly suitable for installation in switch housing or for housing in the track bed. Many other features of theMX820 match the MX82; there are certain number of important improvements, particularly the innovative approaches of the last two points: Withstand voltage up to 40 V; two to four inputs, which are used for automatically switching by switches track contacts or for feedback, are now equipped with an internal filter, so that no external smoothing elements (capacitors) as in MX82 are no longer necessary; Easy configurability by separating the decoder families into those of "normal" drives - just MX820 - and in those for servos and multiplex signals - Type MX821 *) *) for servo drives and multiplex signals is a specialized shortly give type MX821, with 5 V - power supply and without "ballast" for other types of drives. Extremely low-cost connection for 8 or 16 signal lamps or LEDs (eg 8 zweibegriffige signals or 2 signals with 8 lights) by the types MX820X, ..Y, ..Z; Software Update in the collection process: The ability to update itself is a matter of course for all ZIMO decoders (vehicle and accessory decoder) for almost 10 years; but for fixed built turnout decoders (eg LGB packages) so far has been a problem had to be that every single decoder expanded and separately connected to the decoder update device (MXDECUP, MXULF, ..). With the new, the MX820 first implemented collection methods the decoder can remain in the installation, the decoder update device MXULF is connected to the system instead of the digital center and sends all accessory decoders together the new software. Each accessory decoder has the option to request by negative acknowledgment recurrence. The vehicles can usually remain on the track during this process; in special cases (for high in-rush-current, etc.) individual vehicles must be removed.

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