Kuehn N45 Decoder 6 pin

Kuehn N45 Decoder 6 pin

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Brand:  Kuehn



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Kuehn N45 Decoder


  • DCC
  • Motorola
  • DC analog operation
  • automatic detection and switching of modes
  • RailCom

Motor Control:-

  • Suitable for DC and bell armatures motors
  • adjustable load control
  • Drive frequency 16/32 kHz for quiet motor operation or 120 Hz for older motors
  • Motor output protected against short circuits
  • Switchable braking / starting delays

Function outputs:-

  • 4 outputs loadable with 200mA each
  • outputs protected agains short circuitŚć
  • SUSI interface

Dimensions:- 8.9 x 13.7 x2.3mm

Kuehn Decoder D45-P

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