Bemo 1257 111RhB Gem 2/4 211 shunting locomotive

Bemo 1257 111RhB Gem 2/4 211 shunting locomotive

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Bemo 1257 111 RhB Gem 2/4 211 shunting locomotive


The Ge 2/4 201-207, which was procured from 1913, and the various Ge 4/6 locomotives belong to the electric vehicle equipment of the RhB. The only about 300 hp Ge 2/4 took over the covering of the passenger trains on the Engadine line or predominantly the Verschub. Three of the locomotives were therefore adapted in 1943 as Ge 2/4 211-213 center driver's stand and, among other new drive to their new area of ​​responsibility.
The locomotive Gea 2/4 211 received for use in the area Landquart / Chur also a battery or in 1966 a diesel engine to operate non-electrified sidings and the tracks of the operated with DC Arosa can. The initially painted brown locomotive was the only one of the converted machines an Einholmstromabnehmer; later she was brown-red lettered with RhB letters on the way and then got like all other shunting locomotives an orange paint. At first they only applied the RhB logo, later they got the new logo.

In addition to the previously announced and available from the II.Quartal orange variant we offer from the Zweikraft-Stangenrangierk Gem 2/4 211 the older version, from about 1966 - 1970 on.
Model details

  • Die-cast chassis
  • Mashima 5-pole engine
  • Drive and current consumption over all four axes
  • Interface 6-pin. NEM 651
  • Brake hoses, heating clutches and handlebars are included for self-assembly
  • retrackable to H0e (exchange wheelset optionally available)
Scale:  HOm
Condition:  New Product
Railway Company:  RhB

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