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Digikeijs DR4088/DR5088RC Range

Digikeijs DR4088/DR5088RC Range

Digikeijs detection modules DR4088 and DR5088RC.

What is the differenced between the 4088 ranges.

There are three protocol networks that the 4088 detection modules range work on they are as follows.

  1. S88N
  2. LocoNet (digitrax)
  3. R-Bus (Roco/Lenz)

Depending on the Digitral system you have depends on which protocol version you can use. In the table below this show you different systems and the connection each system has.

Digital System  S88N LocoNet R-Bus
DR5000 (Digikeijs) Y Y Y
Z21 Roco Black N Y Y
z21 Roco White editions N N Y
TAMS Red box Y Y N
Ecos Y Y/N N
Marklin CS3 Y N N

There are many other system as well but this are the main ones that we tend to look at. As you can see depending on the system you chose determines which connection version you can use.

Then you need to consider what type of detection you are looking for.

  1. CS
  2. GND
  3. OPTO

So what do these mean?


CS is for track detection or current sensing. This happens in one rail when a loco drives in to the section it notices the current draw of the loco and then send the message back across one of the above networks in the table above. The unit also delivers the track power to the rail as well as motioning the loco in the section. This is the most common version used for 2-rail driving in the UK.


GND stand for grounded detection messages mean Volt Free. These are used allot with Three rail in Europe for Marklin. But these can also be used for other detection methods like reed switches. Or there can even be used to have a push button switch in a mimic panel to activate something. You could set up a feedback message to active a turnout in iTrain for example.


OPTO can be used in the similar why to the GND but with voltage and not volt free. So you can use with hall sensors, reed switches or other things like inferred sensors.

All these are very use full in different situations with computer control.

A couple of examples of connection to different modules.

This example it a CS connected to S88N Bus.

Below we show how you use the R-Bus with the White z21 this will also work with the Z21 Black version.

Uhlenbrock DR4088LN-CS connections You can also use the S88N DR4088CS version for Track detection.

ESU Ecos has a S88N connection so DR4088CS is the first port of call for track detection but if you have a Loconet convertor you can also use the DR4088LN-CS to archieve the same results.

Then you also have the DR5088RC this is a loconet unit that broadcast the RailCom information over loconet. This unit will work with the DR5000 and Black Z21.