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DCC Train Automation Blog

Sprog programming in iTrain

Programming Loco decoders in iTrain using Sprog IIv4. If you're looking to use the Sprog to programme locos in iTrain, the following guide can help. To be able to have this function you need to have iTrain Plus or above.

The LoDi-KSM

Why do you need a reversing loop module on a model railway system? In principle, reversing loop modules are only required for the 2-wire system. The reverse loop module switches a reverse loop automatically.

The LoDi Rektor

The LoDi rector is an interface that is required to generate the necessary locomotive data formats. At the moment, the LoDi Rector supports DCC, M3, and Motorola in all variants. The only limit here is the model railway control software.

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The LoDi-8-GBM v2

Our LoDi-8-GBM also gets a small update, the LoDi-8-GBM v2. It can now be fully updated and prepared for the DCC-A. The focus here is on the simplicity of setup and monitoring options.

DianSys TurnTable System

DinaSys makes turntable control electronics for a few different types of turntable. Once registered on their website, you're able to sign in and download the manuals and software.

Setting up LoDi

The first thing you need to do is to download the LoDi software ProgrammerFX. The LoDi ProgrammerFX from version 2202 comes with its own Java for Windows and Linux, you don't have to install any additional Java.

Veissmann CAR motion

As in reality, you're now able to control road vehicles electronically. After a development period of more than 4 years, it's now possible to bring the streets of the layout to life in a user-friendly way and with realistic driving behaviour.

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