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Setting up LoDi

22 March 2023  |  Admin

Setting up LoDi System.

How do we set up LoDi?

The first thing you need to do is to download the LoDi software ProgrammerFX. 

CLICK here to downloads the LoDi-Programmer FX

Danger!!! The LoDi-ProgrammerFX from version 2202 or newer comes with its own Java for Windows and Linux, you don't have to install any additional Java, at least not for the LoDi-ProgrammerFX.

A separate Java must still be installed for MacOS, this can be Java from version 17.0.2 or higher with FX. More information in our forum  or in the installation instructions for macOS.

LoDi is a Network System each unit has its own IP address.

The default IP addresses are:

  • LoDi Rector:
  • LoDi-S88-Commander LX: (DHCP capable)
  • LoDi Shift Commander:
  • LoDi DMX interface: (DHCP capable)



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