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How to wire up MTB MP4 point motors

1 Comment27 January 2024  |  Admin

MTB  MP4 point motor wiring.

The MTB point motors can be wired up in a few different ways. They can also be used with digital accessory decoders or by a normal switch. We will show you in the following article how we can use these motors.


The two way the MP4 can we wired are either two wire control or three wire switching. The most used version would be the three-wire switching. 


  1. Analog switching is done as follows.


  1. Digital switching is set up like the below image. In the below image we us a YaMoRC DCC switch decoder to illustrate how we can set this up.


Bryan Lawrence
10 April 2024  |  12:48

Can you use a 8116 with the zephyr 52 using mp10

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