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Veissmann CAR motion

31 January 2023  |  Admin

Veissmann CAR motion

As in reality, you are now able to control road vehicles electronically also in the model. After a development period of more than 4 years, it is now possible to bring the streets of the layout to life in a user-friendly way and with realistic driving behaviour, even away from the track. In all this, our vehicles are compatible with other road systems with steel or magnetic tape guidance and electromagnetic stop coils.

Look forward to a new way of setting vehicles into motion – Technology and price – simply ingenious!
Premium models with further groundbreaking, innovative solutions are currently under development. Our basic models can be upgraded to Premium models in the future with an expansion set.
All vehicles of the CarMotion series have the following functions:
-    Charging connection
-    Short charging times due to modern lithium polymer batteries
-    Easy on-off switching thanks to a reed contact under the cab‘s roof and magic bar, telescopic magnetic bar item 8410, remote control item 8402
-    Infrared transmitter/receiver for distance control (only conditionally compatible with other IR systems)
-    Realistic braking resp. accelerating action and configurable speed due to speed-controlled motor
-    Free cargo area due to underfloor drive unit
-    Cabin lighting
-    Braking and reversing lights
-    Direction indicators right/left and warning lights controllable
-    Low beam / high beam light
-    Clear see-through driver‘s cab with figure
-    5-pole plug-in coupling for the connection of CarMotion trailers or semi-trailers
-    Compatible with existing systems with contact wire or magnetic tape
-    Control by remote control, permanent magnets in the road and electromagnetic stop coils

CAR motion NEW ITEM 2022

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