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9 November 2022  |  Admin

The LoDi Con

- born to make dreams come true!


For years we have been asked again and again when we would introduce a handheld controller. After months of intensive and well-considered development work, we can finally present our LoDi-Con to you.


The hand controller from Lokstoredigital



The model railway market is teeming with a wide variety of central units, bus systems, protocols and operating philosophies. Everyone wants to be served in their own way. The model railroader actually just wants to run his trains without any problems. And this is exactly where the LoDi-Con comes in:

Thanks to its strong W-Lan antenna, the LoDi-Con can communicate with and control all common control centers. The protocol used is of secondary importance. It is important that the control center can be reached via an IP address in the network. 

Control your locomotives conveniently using the controller.

Switch routes at the touch of a button.

Play or do whatever you want - the LoDi-Con handles the details.


Functional scope and properties of the LoDi-Con

  • Extremely easy operation via capacitive touch screen and incremental rotary knob
  • Optical feedback via the rotary knob for speed levels, short circuits and much more
  • Full integration of LoDi components
  • Simultaneous connection to several control panels possible via WLAN 
  • Driving locomotives and managing them in a locomotive database
  • Display of own locomotive pictures
  • Double and multiple traction
  • Switching of points, signals and routes
  • model time display
  • CV programming in plain text on the programming and on the main track (PoM)
  • feedback monitor
  • Blocking of functions via a password
  • Up to 68 locomotive functions
  • Club mode ( follows )
  • Integration into the LoDi ProgrammerFX


Supported panels and protocols


Since the LoDi-Con has WLAN and it can be easily integrated into your home network or even communicate directly with control centers if they have an integrated WLAN module, the possibilities for integrating it are great. You can be connected to up to five panels at the same time.

There are already some common protocols available and. we work daily to support more manufacturers. 

So far the following devices can be connected to the LoDi-Con:

  • LoDi Rector
  • LoDi Shift Commander
  • LoDi S88 Commander
  • z21 and all control panels that support the Z21 protocol
  • Marklin CS2/3
  • XpressNet (in preparation)
  • Loconet (in preparation)
  • ECoS (in preparation)

The LoDi-Con can already communicate with a large number of model railway control software products via the Z21 protocol.

We continue to work closely with the manufacturers to be able to implement even more functionality in the LoDi-Con.



The operating concept


The operating concept of the LoDi-Con is kept simple. Here we have tried to accommodate as little as possible but as much as necessary on the device. This is how the LoDi-OS came about. 

The LoDi-Con itself is equipped with a high-quality capacitive touch display. 


Clear menu structures and easy operation was one of our goals. The touch display is supported by a very easy-to-use rotary control, which even displays different actions via LED feedback. Among other things, the current speed steps are also displayed on this via the LEDs in the rotary control. 





Always quickly where you want to go...

Thanks to the menu bar, you can go directly to the individual points such as:

  • Switch points and routes
  • home menu 
  • back button
  • Locomotive overview / direct control

Everything at a glance thanks to the filter function in the locomotive and accessory overview. 

Since the screen would quickly become overloaded and the large number of objects created means that the right ones cannot be found immediately, we have created a small pre-selection filter. 

A text search is also possible.


No matter in which direction you turn the LoDi-Con, the screen turns with it. Thanks to the built-in position sensor, the LoDi-Con can recognize how you are holding the device. The device learns your behavior and does not turn the display over directly if you tilt the device.

The autorotation can of course also be deactivated or locked in a position. 


Link to Videos.

Videos say more than 1000 words, but of course there are short instructions for individual functions here. However, the deeper details can be found in the videos. In the future, we will collect all videos about the device under this link. 




The LoDi-Con and its variants


The LoDi-Con is available in a rechargeable battery and/or battery variant. For details, click on the LoDi-Con variant that interests you. 


In a nutshell:


The LoDi-Con A (black rotary knob) = The battery version, the battery is already integrated. The LoDi-Con A has a USB-C connection via which the battery can be charged. 


The LoDi-Con B (grey rotary knob) = The battery variant in which 3* AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries can be inserted on the back. 



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