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Point detection position for computer control


Monitoring of the position of your points.

There is an easy was to give iTrain or any train control software a way of know if you have change a point with manual or digitally operation. The benefit of doing this is if the point motor fails or if you manual change the point the software still knows you have repositioned the point. 

With the Digikeijs DR4088LN-GND or DR4088GND versions you can set this up very simply with the Cobalt point motors. Using the volt free relay on the motor you can have a feedback message to the left position and the right position. 

As you can see above the connection you need to make when using the IP Digital and Loconet detection module. When the Cobalt point motor charges it switches between the two different feedback output puts. With in iTrain you use this address and set the detection in the point accessory editor.



Once you have this set up above illustration in iTrain. When the point switches from one state to the other the message are received and then confirmed in the computer.

John Pearson
13 August 2020  |  20:45

Ref Point position Monitoring
Your Diag suggest cobalt point motors with a “volt free relay on the motor “
Can the same result be achieved using MP5 / MTP Point motors ?
John JP

08 December 2020  |  10:02

Yes you can do this with MP1/5 or 6 from MTB

George Hayes
07 December 2020  |  22:25

I'm going to be using DCC Concepts Alpha DCC System Power Upgrade Bundle to run my digital motors only, but would still like to have my points being detected using DR4088LN , do you have a diagram like the one above.
Many Thanks
George Hayes

08 December 2020  |  10:01

Hello George

What command station are you using?


George Hayes
10 December 2020  |  11:38

Hi James
Digikeijs DR5000-ADJ DCC Multi-bus central with iTrain
Many Thanks

Andrew Fryer
06 August 2021  |  17:48

I have DR5088RC detection units will this still work with my cobalt dip motors