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Programming Digikeijs DR4018 via DR5000 to switch MP1/MP5

19 April 2022  |  Admin

Programming DR4018 via DR5000 to switch MP1/MP5

Wire DR4018 to DR5000 using the following steps

Make sure power is off when connecting to the DR5000 *This is very important as outputs can be blown

Connect the power inputs of the DR4018 to the signal terminal connections in the following way

  • Note that wiring is connected to the Main Track output of the DR5000
  • Common link is made between the power inputs and Signal inputs on the DR4018 as shown in the above diagram
  • Connect your PC or MAC via USB connection to the DR5000
  • Power on the DR5000 * Do not have anything connected to the DR4018 outputs at this stage
  • Open DR5000 Configuration Software
  • Interface will open


  • Select Program Track Output from the interface
  • This will bring up the programming properties



  • Under the CV Programming Tab, select mode as POM
  • Set address to 9999 (this is the DR4018 Board address)
  • Set CV Number to your required CV number, in this case 47
  • Set Value, in this case 6 (Value of 6 is pre-set vale for MP1 point motors)
  • You are now ready to send the CV programming to the DR4018
  • Press the program button on the DR4018, located between the Power and Signal connectors
  • The LED will illuminate RED This now means the unit is ready for programming.
  • Now you can press the orange lightning icon next to the CV number in the Programming properties.


  • This will now send the CV programming to the unit as you have specified
  • Deselect the programming mode by pressing the program button on the DR4018

The DR4018 is now programmed


Assigning ID's to DR4018


  • Select the program button, this will illuminate RED to indicate you are in programming mode.
  • Open DR5000 Configuration software
  • Select Track Output from the Interface


  • Select Open New Switchboard SWITCH  



  • By selecting switch 1, this will set ID 1-16.
  • Selecting switch 17 for example will set ID 17-32 etc.
  • Make sure when selecting the switches on the switchboard properties that the DR4018 program LED is lit, therefore accepting the programming ID  instruction.
  • Press the program button on the DR4018 once programming is complete.
  • Your DR4018 is now programmed.



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