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Revere loop and Track detection.

2 Comments22 August 2022  |  Admin

      If you are using Digikeijs equipment and looking to have a reverse loop that has track detection here is a great solution.

      The LoDi-KSM is great as it does not draw enough current to activate the DR4088 series of products. As you can see this is how you would wire it all up to work.

Items use above.

  1.      DR5000 Click Here
  2.      DR4088LN-cs Click Here
  3.      LoDi-KSM Click Here


If you are using the DR5088RC then you have to wire as below.



Richard Noble
16 October 2022  |  15:04

Hi ya James
Could you possibly tell me?
Would the wiring in this diagram be the same for DR5088, or a YD6016LN
Many Thanks
Kindest Regards
Richard Noble

19 October 2022  |  15:35

See the amended blog for DR5088RC

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