Lenz Braking module BM2 22610

Lenz Braking module BM2 22610

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Braking module BM2 The BM2 was designed for more demanding model railway operators. It not only allows stopping in front of signals, but also installation of a slow-approach section. To this end, the section in front of a signal is divided into a driving and a braking section. The length of the driving section must be calculated so as to fully accommodate the longest trains passing this section. The length of the braking section depends on the braking delay and/or distance set in the locomotive decoder (as with the BM1). The driving and braking sections are supplied via the corresponding outputs of the BM2. For the BM2 to know what to do, its control input must be connected in parallel to the red bulb of the signal. In order to also influence rear-powered (pushed) trains, the leading coach must be fitted with a power consumer, for example the interior lighting.While the train is driving into the driving section, symmetrical voltage will be applied to the entire section. As soon as the train reaches the stopping section, the BM2 feeds asymmetrical voltage into the driving and the braking sections. The locomotive decoder responds by stopping the train with the braking delay set in the decoder. The BM2 also ensures that no braking procedure is initiated when a train approaches from the opposite direction.Braking module BM2: Art. no. 22610, Dimensions: 53 x 60 x 20 mm

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