Uhlenbrock 41200 ABBS start-up brake module N-H0

Uhlenbrock 41200 ABBS start-up brake module N-H0

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Connection made easy
An isolation section of about 1 m in length (at H0) is set up. The block is inserted between the signal and the rails. The connection is made solderless via screw terminals. There are no electrical modifications to the system required.

The delay can be adjusted with a potentiometer in a wide range. Since the module draws its operating voltage from the drive voltage, no additional power supply is required.

Perfect technology
The components are equipped with a short-circuit protection. In the stopping distances, the traction current is limited to 1.4 A, so that even with a short circuit there is no danger for technical data, blocks or rails.

For signals on single-track routes: The trains stop in both directions. Start-up and braking distances can be set on a potentiometer. At Hp0, the start-up brake module slows down the train when passing the disconnection point and stops it before the signal.

With signal release, the train then slowly accelerates back to its set speed. At Hp1, the train passes the signal path without speed change.

Item No. 41200 ABBS

  • Slow stop at the red signal
  • Trains stop in both directions
  • Adjustable starting and braking distance
  • Easy installation
  • Short circuit and overload proof
  • Power supply via the rail
  • Convenient connection via screw terminals
  • Technical data

Driving voltage: 0-16 V
Driving current max: 1.4 A

Instruction Manual English


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