Uhlenbrock 63410 LocoNet Switch Module

Uhlenbrock 63410 LocoNet Switch Module

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Uhlenbrock 63410 LocoNet switch module

The low-cost substitute for Magnetartikel- and switch decoder with outstanding opportunities The LocoNet switch module is a switching and accessory decoder with LocoNet interface and switches up to ten points or light signals - also mehrbegriffige with slow fading in and out or up to 20 lights on your system. And also all mixed in one module. Our LocoNet switch module is a universal genius. A single module that allows you to do all the switching processes on your system. You can turn on the switch module lights, turnouts, uncoupler, form signals, light signals, effect lighting and Andreas crosses. All these switching tasks can be distributed to 20 switching outputs. Special emphasis was placed on the prototypical control of light signals. The switch module switches up to 4-aspect main signals and distant signals. And the highlight of the signal control is the crossfade function. The light changes happens when you want to, not hard, but it becomes soft fades from one to another signal image. Even Andrew's crosses and other lighting effects are not a problem. With a blink generator and the fade function allows you to implement a prototypical St. Andrew's cross. Or combine both Blink generators to a switchable, broken streetlight. The 20 switching outputs of the module you can operate up to ten points, five mehrbegriffige signals or 20 switching functions. Each output can be loaded with up to 1 A, however, the total load must not exceed 3 A. The LocoNet switch module is powered by a separate transformer with energy and pollutes not the LocoNet or the command station. Item 63410 LocoNet switch module With 20 relay outputs A 1 A ???? Each output can of the other outputs as continuous output (for lamps) or torque output can be configured (for turnouts or semaphores) independently. Prototypical control of light signals with up to 4 signal aspects Soft fading of signal images possible All outputs can be controlled by Magnetartikel- or feedback commands. By 2 independently adjustable flashers many effects are possible. Per LocoNet CV from the central configurable The addresses are freely selectable for each output in the address range 1-2048. Separate transformer connection, does not pollute the digital track voltage

Uhlenbrock 63410 Switch decoder

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