Uhlenbrock 63320 LocoNet feedback module 2-wire track

Uhlenbrock 63320 LocoNet feedback module 2-wire track

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Uhlenbrock 63320 LocoNet feedback module 2-wire track The function of feedback modulesFeedback modules give the information of the track occupancy detector, whether a vehicle is in them the monitored track sections, to the connected devices (eg., IB-Switch) or a computer control program. This automatically run the switching command that has been deposited for this feedback. It may be switching an individual turnout or a whole driveway.The 2-wire feedback modules consist of an occupancy detector, a feedback unit and a voltage monitoring. The occupancy detectors monitor the track inputs. The current monitoring registers each current flow in the separation portion which is larger than 3 mA. For locomotives, illuminated carriages and conductive axes are detected. The voltage monitoring prevents power supply is OFF a wrong reporting can take place. The 3-wire version works with an isolated and separate rail side, which is connected to the message block and is connected via the conductive axles of vehicles with mass. The feedback module reports any change of state "free" or "occupied" over the LocoNet to the headquarters and other LocoNet devices.Unlike other bus systems is the LocoNet for transmitting information such. B. feedback, extremely safe and reliable. The address is set via a programming button on the programming menu of the Intellibox or, very comfortable, on the Software LocoNet Tool.Art. Nr. 63320 2-wire feedback module For 8 track sections Occupancy detector, feedbacks and voltage monitoring in a block Maximum driving current 3 A Executing simple switching applications

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