LoDi 8 GBM S88 V2.0 Railcom Detection

LoDi 8 GBM S88 V2.0 Railcom Detection

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LoDi-8-GBM v2


The LoDi-8-GBM for 2- and 3-wire systems. 

It enables the detection of RailCom-capable locomotives on all 8 channels. In addition, it has the option of measuring the traction current consumed per channel. This enables, for example, short-circuit detection with an adjustable short-circuit threshold.

The LoDi-8-GBM naturally also works on other S88N buses, but then of course does not offer the full range of functions.

The properties of the LoDi-8-GBM v2

  • The LoDi-8-GBM v2 is a track occupancy detector developed for the S88.2 bus.
  • It serves 8 track sections, each of which can be loaded with 3 amps. 
  • All 8 track sections, i.e. reporting channels, are RailCom-capable and can be monitored via channels 1 and 2.(With Channel 2, a maximum of 8 locomotives can be recognized in the message channel.)
  • The track occupancy detector also provides an exact power consumption per track section and can even detect short circuits directly in the block. Can be used universally with 2- and 3-rail track systems. 
  • The LoDi-8-GBM v2 can easily be configured via the  LoDi-ProgrammerFX  .
  • Display for direct control of the detectors and display of the module address.
  • Fully backward compatible. The LoDi-8-GBM v2 can also be operated on the s88N and with an adapter on an old s88 bus. However, the full functions are not available here as in the S88.2 bus. 



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