LoDi- Booster 19 Volt 5Amp

LoDi- Booster 19 Volt 5Amp

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LoDi Booster 19Volt 5 Amp

The LoDi booster has two channels, each providing 2.5 A. Total 5Amp out put.

If your demand is higher, you must connect a corresponding number of additional LoDi boosters to ensure the power supply.

For systems that are monitored with RailCom, the LoDi booster provides the so-called RailCom cutout, which is responsible for transmitting the Railcom feedback.

The LoDi Booster provides the power that is required to operate the digitally controlled locomotives and the points, as well as all other consumers on the layout the booster de-energizes the layout to prevent further damage to the rails or rolling stock. Due to the integrated intelligence of the LoDi booster, in the event of a short circuit, only the affected areas are switched off and reported back to the software control used. In this way, the rest of the model railway system can continue to run without the risk of damage to the rolling stock. The booster brings the voltage to the track,

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