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LoDi distributor 2 * 9
Distribution strip with screw terminals

a maximum of 10 amps at a maximum of 60 volts

Display for alternating and direct voltage as well as position of the positive pole by LED.

We present:

The LoDi distributor series.

On the model railroad layout or in other extra-low voltage applications, you always need a simple and quick distribution of a ground line, for example, or the one + pole of a model railroad transformer, which in turn is supposed to illuminate houses and so on. 


For this we have created the LoDi distributor series.

With these modules you can easily distribute the cables via screw terminals.

Please note: always work with wire end ferrules if possible. 

You will soon find these and the matching model railway cables in our LoDi shop. 



The characteristics of the LoDi distributor 2 * 9 

  • Simple distribution strip with screw terminals maximum 10 amps at a maximum of 60 volts.
  • Display for alternating and direct voltage as well as on which side the positive pole is located.
  • Forwarding of the fed-in voltage to the next distributor.


1. The LoDi distributor 2 * 9 connections and LEDs


The LoDi distributor has 2 * 9 output terminals. It is fed in via the left side. There are 2 LEDs above and below. Depending on which voltage you want to distribute, regardless of whether it is AC or DC voltage, the adapter shows it.

You can also see which side the positive pole is on, as the LED on this side lights up green.

With AC and digital voltage, both LEDs light up.



2. Technical data


The LoDi distributor 2 * 9 has a total forward voltage of 10 amps. 


0-60 volt AC or DC voltage input 



Length: 65mm

Width: 25mm

Height: 13 mm at the highest point

Weight: 15g

Features / Specification
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LoDi distributor 2 *9

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