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The device editor of the LoDi Rector contains the following areas:
Device settings: determines the behavior of the CDE connection as well as which track signal should be generated after the start and the booster
Network settings: Setting the IP address
Firmware: update of the firmware of the LoDi rector

The properties of the LoDi Rector 

  • It is the link between the computer and the locomotive. The raw locomotive data is generated by the computer and sent to the LoDi rector. This then generates the required track signal.
  • The LoDi rector currently supports the following protocols for sending:   DCC,  M3  and Motorola .
    (In order to be able to use M3, the UID of the locomotive must be known, the rector cannot read it.)
  • The LoDi rector controls the connected components via the LoDi bus (formerly µCon bus). The LoDi bus was developed as a booster bus and further developed by us. It is fully backwards compatible with the old µCon devices that can be connected to the µCon bus.
  • The LoDi rector can be used as a pure booster interface and a separate control center can be connected to the CDE. The CDE is conveniently switched from OUT to IN via our LoDi ProgrammerFX .
  • The CDE - IN can be used as a sniffer for conventional DCC digital command stations. 
  • Modern network interface, therefore driverless operation.
  • Digital center and track signal generator of the latest version 2.0. Faster processing from PC to LoDi rector, less data traffic, more efficient processing.
  • Perfect for all sizes of model railroad layouts, small, large or even bigger, the LoDi Rector has enough power to handle even the largest layouts with ease. However, should your system reach a dimension where normal central units reach their limits, simply connect a second LoDi rector to the system. You can easily configure so-called "hand-over points" for this purpose.

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