LoDi SC S88 Booster USB Power

LoDi SC S88 Booster USB Power

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The properties of the LoDi SC Booster

  • It supplies the power required for other SC bus components.
  • Up to 16 additional modules are possible. 
  • The power supply is included. 

1. The LoDi SC Booster and its connections


The LoDI SC Booster is required for larger installations of more than 25 LoDi operators. 

A further 16 LoDi operators can be attached to the system if there are still enough free channels available.

A maximum of 3 LoDi SC boosters are required for a fully developed installation. 


  • (1) The bus
    coming from the last LoDi operator is connected here.
  • (2) Here you now connect further 
    LoDi operators to your system.

2. LEDs on the LoDi SC Booster


The LoDi SC Booster has 2 LEDs that should help you to identify the status of the device and to understand faults more quickly. 


  • (1) SC-Bus IN: The LED lights up as soon as the bus coming from the last LoDi operator is connected here.
  • (2) SC-Bus OUT: As soon as the power supply is connected, this LED lights up and signals power on the bus. 






3. Connection to the power supply


A high-quality MicroUSB power supply is included in the scope of delivery.

You can also use your own USB power supply or a free USB port on the computer, as long as it can supply at least 1 ampere of electricity. 







4. Connection of the LoDi SC booster to the SC BUS


Here on the picture you can see the built-in LoDi-SC-Booster. This has now been integrated into an existing bus. 


On the last sample picture you can see a maxed out SC bus 1 and 2. The order of the modules is completely irrelevant. 

You should only make sure that the  LoDi Light controller  is connected to bus 2.

It is important that you integrate a new  LoDi SC booster  into the system after every 16th module.


The bus length and the number of modules can be easily calculated.

There are 96 channels available on bus 1.

For example, you could connect 12 LoDi operators 4-WD-DC or AC here, since each module requires 8 channels.  


You have 384 channels available on the slow bus. So that would be 48 LoDi operators 4-WD-AC or DC,  LoDi light controller 4-C-LED  or the  LoDi operator 16-SD-FL . 

You can see that you can work very dynamically with our system.



LoDi SC Booster

In larger systems it can happen that the cable runs are too long and the signal no longer arrives at the required level.

The LoDi SC booster refreshes the signal and thus enables safe operation.

We recommend looping in a LoDi SC booster at least every 20 meters of cable run.

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